• Matheus Lozano

Week02 - News, Updates & Reminders - AWS | HashiCorp | Istio

Updated: Jan 21

News from AWS and HashiCorp, end of support for AWS EKS and a new release of Istio

Reading the News, Updates & Reminders for AWS, HashiCorp and Istio

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AWS -> 25 news | 1 reminder

HashiCorp -> 2 news

Istio -> 1 update

News & Updates


15/Jan/2021 - The graphical user interface of Porting Assistant for .NET is now open source

15/Jan/2021 - New Amazon Builders’ Library Article: Making retries safe with idempotent APIs

15/Jan/2021 - Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights now available on AWS Graviton2

15/Jan/2021 - Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels is now available in the Asia Pacific

(Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Seoul), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) AWS Regions

15/Jan/2021 - Introducing update to Multi-Region Application Architecture

15/Jan/2021 - Amazon EC2 X1 and X1e instances are now available in additional AWS regions

13/Jan/2021 - Amazon AppStream 2.0 now supports using smart cards for Active Directory domain login and streaming applications

14/Jan/2021 - Announcing New Segmentation Capabilities for Amazon Pinpoint

14/Jan/2021 - New AWS Public Datasets available from the Illumina, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, IntelinAir, and others

14/Jan/2021 - New digital course and lab: AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) Primer

14/Jan/2021 - New digital course: Configuring and Deploying VPCs with Multiple Subnets

14/Jan/2021 - Amplify DataStore launches support for sorting and selectively syncing app data

14/Jan/2021 - Amazon Cognito Identity Pools enables using user attributes from identity providers for access control to simplify permissions management in AWS

13/Jan/2021 - AWS Snow Family console further simplifies Snow data transfer and compute job creation and management

13/Jan/2021 - Amazon Fraud Detector launches ability to cancel in-progress model trainings

13/Jan/2021 - Amazon EMR Release 5.32 now supports Amazon EMR on EKS, and EMR Studio Preview

12/Jan/2021 - Announcing support for Methods via Uniform Function Call syntax in AWS IoT SiteWise

12/Jan/2021 - Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Supports New Minor Versions 12.5, 11.10, 10.15, 9.6.20, and 9.5.24

12/Jan/2021 - Announcing the global expansion of AWS Contact Center Intelligence solutions

12/Jan/2021 - AWS Snowcone now supports multicast streams and routing by providing instances with direct access to external networks

12/Jan/2021 - Amazon Redshift now supports fine-grained access control on COPY and UNLOAD commands

12/Jan/2021 - Amazon Lightsail now supports IPv6

12/Jan/2021 - Amazon SNS adds support for message archiving and analytics via Kinesis Data Firehose subscriptions

11/Jan/2021 - Amazon Aurora supports in-place upgrades from MySQL 5.6 to 5.7

11/Jan/2021 - Monitor your Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) storage usage with Amazon CloudWatch


15/Jan/2021 - Announcing Terraform Enterprise Active/Active Architecture General Availability

14/Jan/2021 - Announcing HCP Vault Public Beta


14/Jan/2021 - Istio release 1.8.2


AWS EKS 1.15

May/2021 - End of support