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Week07 - News, Updates & Reminders - AWS | HashiCorp | Istio | Kubernetes | Linux

Kernel 5.11; Schedule IstioCon 2021; Disaster Recovery for Consul; AWS EKS 1.19; +35 other news and press releases

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News for AWS, HashiCorp, Istio, Kubernetes, and Linux

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29 news | 1 press release | 2 reminders


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1 news | 2 reminders


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05/2021 - AWS EKS 1.15 end-of-support

18/01/2022 - AWS RDS Postgres 9.6 end-of-life


19/02/2021 - Istio 1.7 end of support


TBA - Deprecation of Dockershim on Kubernetes 1.23

TBA - v1beta1 version of CustomResourceDefinition, MutatingWebhookConfiguration, and ValidatingWebhookConfiguration are being removed in 1.22

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17/02/2021 - 20 New Companies Spanning Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Hospitality, Financial Services, Creative Services, Technology, Forestry, and the Construction Sector Join The Climate Pledge

News, updates & announcements

AWS News and Press Conference
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19/02/2021 - Support for KMS encryption on S3 buckets used by AWS Config

19/02/2021 - Now create Amazon SageMaker Studio presigned URL with custom expiration time

19/02/2021 - Amazon RDS Publishes New Events for Multi-AZ Deployments

19/02/2021 - New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — AI-Powered Inventory Management

19/02/2021 - Assign a Delegated Administrator to manage AWS CloudFormation StackSets across your AWS Organization

19/02/2021 - Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics supports canary events with Amazon EventBridge

18/02/2021 - Updated digital training for AWS Partners on End User Computing and Machine Learning

17/02/2021 - Amazon ml.Inf1 instances are now available on Amazon SageMaker in 14 additional AWS regions

17/02/2021 - AWS Glue Studio jobs can now update AWS Glue Data Catalog tables

17/02/2021 - Amazon Redshift Query Editor now supports clusters with enhanced VPC routing, longer query run times, and all node types

17/02/2021 - AWS Glue Studio now supports reading uncatalogued data from Amazon S3 and inferring its schema

17/02/2021 - Amazon Pinpoint now supports 10DLC and toll-free numbers

17/02/2021 - Amazon SNS now supports sending SMS messages to US destinations using ten-digit long codes and toll-free numbers

17/02/2021 - Simplified Amazon Elastic File System management console now available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

17/02/2021 - Amazon Elasticsearch Service adds Trace Analytics, a new feature for distributed tracing

16/02/2021 - AWS Graviton2 based M6g, C6g, and R6g instances are now available in EU (Stockholm) region, and M6gd, C6gd, and R6gd instances are now available in US West (Northern California), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) regions

16/02/2021 - AWS Config now supports the ability to save advanced queries in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

16/02/2021 - AWS Config now supports the ability to save advanced queries in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

16/02/2021 - AWS Elemental MediaLive now supports region transfer for AWS Elemental Link

16/02/2021 - AWS Elemental Link now available in Europe (Paris) region

16/02/2021 - AWS Fargate increases default resource count service quotas to 1000

16/02/2021 - Amazon EKS and EKS Distro now supports Kubernetes version 1.19

16/02/2021 - Update content of inbound and outbound emails using AWS Lambda in Amazon WorkMail

15/02/2021 - Announcing General Availability of Amplify Flutter, with new data and authentication support

15/02/2021 - Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) now supports next generation, burstable general-purpose Amazon EC2 T3 instance types

15/02/2021 - Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) now supports PCI DSS compliance to help you run payment processing workloads more easily

15/02/2021 - AWS Elemental MediaLive expands its automatic input failover capabilities

15/02/2021 - Amazon S3 on Outposts adds a smaller storage tier

15/02/2021 - AWS Direct Connect Announces Native 100 Gbps Dedicated Connections at Select Locations

HashiCorp News and Press Conference
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18/02/2021 - Disaster Recovery for HashiCorp Consul on Kubernetes

Linux News and Press Conference
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16/02/2021 - IstioCon 2021: Schedule Is Live!

Kubernetes News and Press Conference
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16/02/2021 - Amazon EKS and EKS Distro now supports Kubernetes version 1.19 (cc AWS)

Linux News and Press Conference
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19/02/2021 - Security updates for Friday

18/02/2021 - Security updates for Thursday

17/02/2021 - Security updates for Wednesday

16/02/2021 - Security updates for Tuesday

15/02/2021 - Security updates for Monday

14/02/2021 - Kernel 5.11 is out!