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Week10 - News, Updates & Reminders - AWS | HashiCorp | Istio | Kubernetes | Linux

15-year-old Linux kernel bugs; Istio release; +13 new Terraform verified providers; AWS lower cost; HashiCorp Boundary Desktop Beta & new release; + 33 other news.

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1 news | 2 reminders


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05/2021 - AWS EKS 1.15 end-of-support

18/01/2022 - AWS RDS Postgres 9.6 end-of-life


19/02/2021 - Istio 1.7 end of support


TBA - Deprecation of Dockershim on Kubernetes 1.23

TBA - v1beta1 version of CustomResourceDefinition, MutatingWebhookConfiguration, and ValidatingWebhookConfiguration are being removed in 1.22

Press Center


11/03/2021 - Amazon Announces First Fulfillment Center in Amarillo, TX

10/03/2021 - Amazon Music Launches New Shopping Experience, Making It Easier for Fans to Find Merch from Their Favorite Artists

09/03/2021 - AWS Announces New Lower Cost Storage Classes for Amazon Elastic File System

News, updates & announcements

AWS News, Updates and Press Conference
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12/03/2021 - Achieve up to 35% better price/performance with Amazon Aurora using new Graviton2 instances

12/03/2021 - AWS Wavelength is now ISO 9001, 27001, 27017 and 27018 compliant

12/03/2021 - New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — Conversational AI Platform

12/03/2021 - Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling adds support for local time zones for scheduled scaling

12/03/2021 - New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — Design and Implementation for Druva Data Protection Solutions

12/03/2021 - New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — Virtual Desktop Accelerator

11/03/2021 - AWS Elemental MediaTailor introduces Channel Assembly for creating virtual linear OTT channels

11/03/2021 - Amazon Elasticsearch Service now publishes events to Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon EventBridge for service software updates

11/03/2021 - Amazon Transcribe supports word-level confidence scores for streaming transcription

11/03/2021 - Amazon RDS for Oracle supports Oracle Management Agent (OMA) version 13.4 for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13cR4

10/03/2021 - IAM Access Analyzer now enables you to validate public and cross-account access before deploying permissions changes

10/03/2021 - AWS Backup adds support for continuous backup and point-in-time recovery of Amazon RDS instances

10/03/2021 - Amazon Kinesis Video Streams updates media playback API service quotas to enable up to 10x more simultaneous consumers

10/03/2021 - Announcing General Availability of Amazon Redshift Cross-database queries

10/03/2021 - Announcing General Availability of Amazon Redshift Data Sharing

09/03/2021 - Amazon Aurora Global Database Expands Availability to São Paulo and Stockholm

09/03/2021 - Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible edition supports simultaneous authentication with both Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

09/03/2021 - Introducing Lower Cost Storage Classes for Amazon Elastic File System

09/03/2021 - CloudEndure Migration and CloudEndure Disaster Recovery now support EBS Local Snapshots on AWS Outposts

09/03/2021 - Introducing a new API allowing you to stop in-progress workflows in Amazon Forecast

09/03/2021 - AWS Glue DataBrew enhances its data quality dashboard with a visual comparison matrix

08/03/2021 - Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL M6g and R6g instances now available in N. California, Canada, São Paulo, and London regions

08/03/2021 - AWS Lambda adds four Trusted Advisor checks

08/03/2021 - Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL supports managed disaster recovery (DR) with Cross-Region Automated Backups

08/03/2021 - Amazon WorkSpaces is available in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

08/03/2021 - Announcing Kotlin-centric developer experience in Amplify Android

08/03/2021 - AWS Security Hub adds 25 new controls to its Foundational Security Best Practices standard

HashiCorp News, Updates and Press Conference
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12/03/2021 - Boundary Desktop Beta & Boundary 0.1.8 Released

10/03/2021 - New Terraform Tutorial: Automate Terraform Cloud Workflows

09/03/2021 - Cisco DCNM, Dynatrace, and Nutanix KPS Among the New Additions to HashiCorp’s Verified Provider Ecosystem

08/03/2021 - HashiTalks 2021 Highlights: Boundary, Packer, Vagrant, and Waypoint

Linux News, Updates and Press Conference
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10/03/2021 - Announcing Istio 1.8.4

Kubernetes News, Updates and Press Conference
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10/03/2021 - Flux is now a CNCF Incubation project

Linux News, Updates and Press Conference
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13/03/2020 - 15-year-old Linux kernel bugs let attackers gain root privileges 12/03/2020 - New Old Bugs in the Linux Kernel

12/03/2020 - Security updates for Friday

11/03/2020 - Security updates for Thursday

10/03/2020 - Security updates for Wednesday

09/03/2020 - Security updates for Tuesday

08/03/2020 - Security updates for Monday