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Week11 - News, Updates & Reminders - AWS | HashiCorp | Istio | Kubernetes | Linux

GA of Amazon EC2 X2gd; Self-Service Prod Clusters for HCP Consul; Amazon Comprehend now identifies PII; AWS EC2 Auto Scaling supports phased deployments; +48 other news.

Tech News, Updates and Press Conference
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05/2021 - AWS EKS 1.15 end-of-support

18/01/2022 - AWS RDS Postgres 9.6 end-of-life


19/02/2021 - Istio 1.7 end of support


TBA - Deprecation of Dockershim on Kubernetes 1.23

TBA - v1beta1 version of CustomResourceDefinition, MutatingWebhookConfiguration, and ValidatingWebhookConfiguration are being removed in 1.22

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18/03/2021 - FTC Obtains Permanent Ban and $2M Judgment for Work-From-Home Scammer Falsely Using Amazon Name

18/03/2021 - Amazon Prime Video Makes History as the First Streaming Service to Secure an Exclusive National Broadcast Package From the NFL, Becoming the Home for Thursday Night Football Beginning in 2023

16/03/2021 - AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon EC2 X2gd Instances Powered by AWS-designed Graviton2 Processors

16/03/2021 - Rhode Island Man Sentenced to 30 Months on Multiple Fraud Charges, Including Amazon Return Scheme

16/03/2021 - New Ipsos Study Finds 8 in 10 Americans Think the Federal Minimum Wage is Too Low and Two-Thirds Support Increasing Minimum Wage to $15 Per Hour

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AWS News, Updates and Press Conference
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19/03/2021 - AWS Fargate updates platform version 1.4.0 to be the LATEST version

19/03/2021 - AWS Proton introduces deletion protection for in-use templates

19/03/2021 - Amazon EKS reduces cluster creation time by 40%

19/03/2021 - AWS Gateway Load Balancer is now available in additional 9 regions

19/03/2021 - Amazon RDS for Oracle now supports January 2021 Patch Set Update (PSU) for Oracle Database 12.1

19/03/2021 - AWS Solutions Implementation — The Discovering Hot Topics Using Machine Learning solution adds the capability to filter and visualize Twitter topics based on geographical coordinates

18/03/2021 - Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Instance Refresh now supports phased deployments

18/03/2021 - Amazon RDS for MySQL now supports rollback protection for database major version upgrades

18/03/2021 - New digital course: AWS Cloud Technical Essentials

18/03/2021 - AWS Launch Wizard now supports ‘No Rollback on Failure’

18/03/2021 - Amazon QLDB Increases Verification APIs Throughput by an Order of Magnitude

18/03/2021 - S3 Object Lambda allows you to add your own code to S3 GET requests to modify and process data as it is returned to an application

17/03/2021 - AWS X-Ray Insights is now available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

17/03/2021 - AWS announces Developer Preview release of opinionated deployment tool for .NET CLI

17/03/2021 - AWS announces General Availability of Six New Regions for Amazon GameLift

17/03/2021 - New AWS SSO gallery app simplifies Azure AD set-up with AWS

17/03/2021 - Support for SRT protocol added to AWS Elemental MediaConnect

17/03/2021 - Amazon Connect launches new metric capabilities for measuring queue service levels

17/03/2021 - Amazon Comprehend now identifies documents that contain personally identifiable information (PII)

16/03/2021 - IAM Access Analyzer now supports over 100 policy checks with actionable recommendations to help you author secure and functional policies

16/03/2021 - AWS IoT SiteWise Monitor adds support for accessing Monitor portals using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users and roles

16/03/2021 - Announcing new Amazon EC2 X2gd instances powered by AWS Graviton2 processors

16/03/2021 - Announcing the General Availability of Amazon Corretto 16

16/03/2021 - AWS Batch now available in the Africa (Cape Town) and the Asia-Pacific (Osaka) Regions

16/03/2021 - AWS Copilot launches v1.4 with support for ECS exec and more

16/03/2021 - Announcing support for multiple containers on Amazon SageMaker Inference endpoints, leading to cost savings of up to 80%

16/03/2021 - Announcing new operations plan AWS Managed Services Accelerate

16/03/2021 - Lower Cost Storage Classes for Amazon Elastic File System are now available in additional regions

16/03/2021 - New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — Build Cloud Foundations

16/03/2021 - New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — Deploy Containers on AWS

16/03/2021 - Amazon RDS Proxy now supports database connectivity from multiple Amazon VPCs

16/03/2021 - Amazon RDS Proxy adds read-only endpoints for Amazon Aurora Replicas

16/03/2021 - Announcing General Availability of AWS Fault Injection Simulator, a fully managed service to run controlled experiments

16/03/2021 - New digital course: Amazon S3 Cost Optimization

15/03/2021 - Amazon ECS now allows you to execute commands in a container running on Amazon EC2 or AWS Fargate

15/03/2021 - AWS Config Adds 3 New Config Rules for Amazon Secrets Manager

15/03/2021 - AWS Cost Anomaly Detection now supports AWS CloudFormation

15/03/2021 - AWS Glue DataBrew is now available in Asia Pacific (Seoul), North America (Montreal), and South America (Sao Paulo) AWS Regions

15/03/2021 - Bundle Management APIs now generally available for Amazon WorkSpaces

15/03/2021 - Amazon S3 Glacier announces a 40% price reduction for PUT and Lifecycle requests

HashiCorp News, Updates and Press Conference
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16/03/2021 - Announcing Self-Service Production Clusters for HCP Consul

Linux News, Updates and Press Conference
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Kubernetes News, Updates and Press Conference
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19/03/2021 - Amazon EKS reduces cluster creation time by 40% (cc AWS)

Linux News, Updates and Press Conference
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19/03/2020 - Security updates for Friday

18/03/2020 - Security updates for Thursday

17/03/2020 - Security updates for Wednesday

16/03/2020 - Security updates for Tuesday

15/03/2020 - Security updates for Monday