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Week12 - News, Updates & Reminders - AWS | HashiCorp | Istio | Kubernetes | Linux

EKS supports Elastic Fabric Adapter; GA of OpenShit on AWS; GA of Amazon Lookout for Metrics; End of TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and DTLS 1.0; Istio 1.9.2; HashiCorp Vault 1.7; +56 other news.

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05/2021 - AWS EKS 1.15 end-of-support

18/01/2022 - AWS RDS Postgres 9.6 end-of-life


19/02/2021 - Istio 1.7 end of support


TBA - Deprecation of Dockershim on Kubernetes 1.23

TBA - v1beta1 version of CustomResourceDefinition, MutatingWebhookConfiguration, and ValidatingWebhookConfiguration are being removed in 1.22

Press Center


25/03/2021 - AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Lookout for Metrics

24/03/2021 - Amazon and Red Hat Announce General Availability of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)

News, updates & announcements

AWS News, Updates and Press Conference
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26/03/2021 - Amazon EKS now supports Elastic Fabric Adapter

26/03/2021 - Amazon EKS now supports P4d instances

26/03/2021 - Amazon WorkDocs offers additional sharing controls throughout its Android app

26/03/2021 - Amazon API Gateway now provides IAM condition keys for governing endpoint, authorization, and logging configurations

26/03/2021 - Amazon SageMaker now supports private Docker registry authentication

26/03/2021 - Amazon Forecast enables AWS Resource Groups

26/03/2021 - New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — WorkSpaces Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces

26/03/2021 - AWS DevOps Monitoring Dashboard solution is Generally Available

25/03/2021 - Lower Cost Storage Classes for Amazon Elastic File System are now available in Asia (Osaka) region

25/03/2021 - AWS Security Hub integrates with Amazon Macie to automatically ingest sensitive data findings for improved centralized security posture management

25/03/2021 - Detect anomalies in your metrics, and diagnose issues quickly with Amazon Lookout for Metrics — now generally available

25/03/2021 - AWS Backup is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Osaka) Region

25/03/2021 - Configurable Endpoints with Custom Domains now generally available for AWS IoT Core

25/03/2021 - AWS License Manager adds ability to set up exclusion rules for automated discovery

25/03/2021 - Amazon Polly NTTS voices now available in Canada (Central), and Asia Pacific (Seoul)

25/03/2021 - Amazon ElastiCache for Redis now supports highly available clusters on AWS Local Zones

25/03/2021 - Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics now supports Python with Apache Flink v1.11

24/03/2021 - Amazon and Red Hat announce the General Availability of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)

24/03/2021 - AWS Snowcone is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) Region in Australia

24/03/2021 - Announcing General Availability of AWS IoT Device Defender ML Detect

24/03/2021 - Amazon Timestream now supports Amazon VPC endpoints

24/03/2021 - AWS Elemental MediaTailor now supports Enhanced Debug Logs and other enhancements *

24/03/2021 - AWS Cloud Map now supports API-only services in namespaces configured with DNS resolution

24/03/2021 - Amazon Detective launches in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

24/03/2021 - NICE DCV releases web client SDK for building customized web applications

24/03/2021 - AWS CloudTrail Adds Logging of Data Events for Amazon DynamoDB

24/03/2021 - Amazon Elasticsearch Service announces Auto-Tune feature for improved performance and application availability

24/03/2021 - Create forecasting systems faster with automated workflows and notifications in Amazon Forecast

24/03/2021 - AWS Backup adds support for bulk deletion of recovery points

24/03/2021 - Amazon AppFlow now supports Zendesk as a destination

24/03/2021 - Amazon Kendra adds new partner search connectors from Perficient

24/03/2021 - Now available AWS SSO credential profile support in the AWS Toolkit for VS Code

24/03/2021 - Now you can use AWS CloudTrail to log data-plane API activity to monitor, alarm, and archive item-level activity in your Amazon DynamoDB tables

24/03/2021 - Updated classroom course: Advanced Architecting on AWS

24/03/2021 - AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry adds StatsD and Java support

23/03/2021 - AWS Cost Categories now supports inherited and default values

23/03/2021 - AWS Glue Studio now supports transforms defined in SQL

23/03/2021 - Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances based on AWS Inferentia now available in 4 additional regions

23/03/2021 - Amazon QuickSight launches Custom Tooltips, Updates to Anomaly Detection, and More

23/03/2021 - Amazon EFS CSI driver now supports dynamic provisioning

23/03/2021 - Amazon RDS for MariaDB M6g and R6g instances now available in N. California, Canada, São Paulo, and London regions

23/03/2021 - Amazon Redshift Spectrum launches in four additional AWS Regions

23/03/2021 - Leverage state of the art Natural Language Processing with Hugging Face and Amazon SageMaker

23/03/2021 - Amazon EC2 M5n, M5dn, R5n, and R5dn instances now available in additional regions

23/03/2021 - Amazon VPC Endpoints For Amazon EC2 Are Now Available In Asia Pacific (Osaka)

23/03/2021 - Announcing AWS Media Intelligence solutions

22/03/2021 - Amazon EC2 now supports UEFI boot when migrating virtual machines to EC2

22/03/2021 - Sellers can now manage versions and update information of their AMI and Container products through the AWS Marketplace Catalog API

22/03/2021 - AWS Client VPN announces expanded presence inside six AWS Regions

22/03/2021 - AWS Database Migration Service now supports Db2 LUW version 11.5 as a source

22/03/2021 - AWS IoT Core’s Apache Kafka action now supports username and password authentication for Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK)

22/03/2021 - AWS Audit Manager now supports CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark v1.3.0, Level 1 and 2 as a new standard framework

22/03/2021 - How and why AWS contributes to Jupyter

HashiCorp News, Updates and Press Conference
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25/03/2021 - Announcing HashiCorp Vault 1.7

24/03/2021 - HashiTalks 2021 Highlights: Nomad and Consul

Linux News, Updates and Press Conference
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25/03/2021 - Announcing Istio 1.9.2

Kubernetes News, Updates and Press Conference
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26/03/2021 - Amazon EKS now supports Elastic Fabric Adapter (cc AWS)

26/03/2021 - Amazon EKS now supports P4d instances (cc AWS)

Linux News, Updates and Press Conference
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26/03/2021 - Security updates for Friday

25/03/2021 - Deprecating TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and DTLS 1.0

25/03/2021 - Security updates for Thursday

24/03/2021 - Security updates for Wednesday

23/03/2021 - Security updates for Tuesday

22/03/2021 - Security updates for Monday

22/03/2021 - man-pages-5.11 is released