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Week14 - News, Updates & Reminders - AWS | HashiCorp | Istio | Kubernetes | Linux

IAM Access Analyzer generates IAM policies based on access activity; Warm Pools for EC2 Auto Scaling; HashiTalks 2021; Kubernetes 1.21; BPF track at the Linux Plumbers; +69 other news.

Tech News, Updates and Press Conference
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05/2021 - AWS EKS 1.15 end-of-support

18/01/2022 - AWS RDS Postgres 9.6 end-of-life


19/02/2021 - Istio 1.7 end of support


TBA - Deprecation of Dockershim on Kubernetes 1.23

TBA - v1beta1 version of CustomResourceDefinition, MutatingWebhookConfiguration, and ValidatingWebhookConfiguration are being removed in 1.22

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08/04/2021 AWS Announces General Availability of Amazon Lookout for Equipment

News, updates & announcements

AWS News, Updates and Press Conference
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09/04/2021 AWS Firewall Manager Now Available in AWS GovCloud (US)

09/04/2021 Amazon AppStream 2.0 adds support for fully managed image updates

09/04/2021 Service Quotas is now available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

09/04/2021 New AWS Solutions Implementation: Amazon S3 Glacier Re:Freezer

08/04/2021 AWS CloudFormation Command Line Interface (CFN-CLI) now supports TypeScript

09/04/2021 Amazon CloudWatch Lambda Insights Now Supports AWS Lambda Container Images (General Availability)

09/04/2021 AWS Transit Gateway Connect is now available in additional AWS Regions

09/04/2021 Amazon RDS Data API now available in Asia Pacific (Seoul) and Canada (Central) AWS regions

09/04/2021 Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) Multicast on AWS Transit Gateway is now available in major AWS regions worldwide

08/04/2021 Amazon EC2 instances featuring AMD EPYC processors are now available in additional regions

08/04/2021 Customers can now use ServiceNow to track operational items related to AWS resources

08/04/2021 Detect abnormal equipment behavior with Amazon Lookout for Equipment — now generally available

08/04/2021 New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — RegCloud: ControllerView® on AWS

08/04/2021 Amazon Athena now presents query execution plans to aid tuning

08/04/2021 Amazon Keyspaces (for Apache Cassandra) now offers FIPS 140–2 compliant endpoints to help you run highly regulated workloads more easily

08/04/2021 Updated classroom course: AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

08/04/2021 Amazon RDS for SQL Server now supports Extended Events

08/04/2021 AWS RoboMaker now supports the ability to configure tools for simulation jobs

08/04/2021 Amazon Connect Customer Profiles now includes support for AWS CloudFormation

08/04/2021 Amazon Connect Customer Profiles now includes support for AWS PrivateLink

08/04/2021 AWS Step Functions adds new data flow simulator for modelling input and output processing

08/04/2021 AWS IoT Analytics adds schema inference support for Apache Parquet based data stores

08/04/2021 Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling introduces Warm Pools to accelerate scale out while saving money

08/04/2021 New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — Application Modernization and Migration to AWS Cloud

08/04/2021 Amazon GuardDuty Now Available in AWS Asia Pacific (Osaka) Region

08/04/2021 AWS Control Tower introduces changes to preventive S3 guardrails and updates to S3 bucket encryption protocols

08/04/2021 Amazon Textract announces quality updates to its tables extraction feature

07/04/2021 AWS Control Tower now available in Mumbai, Seoul and Tokyo AWS Regions

07/04/2021 AWS Backup now supports cost allocation tags for Amazon EFS Backups

07/04/2021 You can now deploy CloudFormation Stacks concurrently across multiple AWS regions using AWS CloudFormation StackSets

07/04/2021 Amazon MQ now supports RabbitMQ version 3.8.11

07/04/2021 Amplify iOS now available via Swift Package Manager (SPM)

07/04/2021 Amazon ElastiCache now supports Tag-Based Access Control

07/04/2021 Amazon Interactive Video Service adds support for recording live streams to Amazon S3

07/04/2021 IAM Access Analyzer makes it easier to implement least privilege permissions by generating IAM policies based on access activity

07/04/2021 Amazon Route 53 Resolver DNS Firewall Generally Available

07/04/2021 AWS Glue now supports missing value imputation based on machine learning

06/04/2021 Amazon EC2 G4ad instances, powered by AMD Radeon Pro V520 GPUs, are now available in 5 additional regions

07/04/2021 AWS Audit Manager now offers a new standard framework for NIST 800–53 (Rev. 5) Low-Moderate-High

07/04/2021 Multi-Attach for Provisioned IOPS io2 Now Available in Thirteen Additional AWS Regions

08/04/2021 eksctl now supports creating node groups using resource specifications and dry run mode

07/04/2021 Amazon Fraud Detector automates sampling for imbalanced model training datasets

06/04/2021 AWS Elemental MediaLive now supports HTML 5 motion graphics overlay

06/04/2021 New instructor-led course: Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS

06/04/2021 AWS Glue now supports cross-account reads from Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

06/04/2021 Python Support for Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is now generally available

06/04/2021 Amazon CodeGuru announces a new, lower and predictable Pricing Model for CodeGuru Reviewer

06/04/2021 Amazon EC2 now allows you to copy Amazon Machine Images across AWS GovCloud, AWS China and other AWS Regions

06/04/2021 AWS Batch simplifies permissions by introducing Service-Linked Roles

06/04/2021 AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store now supports removal of parameter labels

06/04/2021 Data management is now generally available in the AWS Amplify Admin UI

05/04/2021 New options to trigger Amazon SageMaker Pipeline executions

05/04/2021 Amazon MQ is now available in the Japan (Osaka) region

05/04/2021 Amazon WorkSpaces webcam support now Generally Available

05/04/2021 Amazon WorkSpaces now supports smart cards with the WorkSpaces macOS client application

05/04/2021 New AWS Solutions Consulting Offer — Design and Build Applications at Speed with DAPx

05/04/2021 AWS Systems Manager Run Command now displays more logs and enables log download from the console

05/04/2021 Amazon Macie now available in AWS Asia Pacific (Osaka) Region

02/04/2021 Amazon VPC Flow Logs announces out-of-the-box integration with Amazon Athena

HashiCorp News, Updates and Press Conference
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09/04/2021 Terraform AWS provider — Release v3.36.0

08/04/2021 Announcing HashiCorp Waypoint 0.3

07/04/2021 Terraform —  Release 0.14.10

07/04/2021 Announcing HCP Vault General Availability

05/04/2021 HashiTalks 2021 Highlights: Vault

Linux News, Updates and Press Conference
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07/04/2021 Security Bulletin — ISTIO-SECURITY-2021–002

Kubernetes News, Updates and Press Conference
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08/04/2021 Kubernetes 1.21 Released

08/04/2021 eksctl now supports creating node groups using resource specifications and dry run mode (cc AWS)

Linux News, Updates and Press Conference
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09/04/2021 Security updates for Friday

08/04/2021 Security updates for Thursday

08/04/2021 Apple M1 support on Linux Kernel — Coming on Linux 5.13

07/04/2021 Security updates for Wednesday

06/04/2021 Announcement: Networking and BPF Track at the 2021 Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC)

06/04/2021 Security updates for Tuesday

05/04/2021 Security updates for Monday